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Guitar Instrumental Stem Pack

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I’ve recorded this instrumental in DADGAD tuning and sent the recording through 4 different amp models of the BIAS vst by PositiveGrid:

- ‘67 Dumble Clean
- ‘74 Fender Blackface Deulxe
- Marshall JCM-900
- Roland JC-120

Additionally I’ve created seperate tracks that include Reverb, Delay and Chorus for each amp track. A track with the clean recorded track w/o amps or effects is also included in a seperate file.

No mastering effects have been used.

Have fun with it…! :)

Guitar recorded with Harley Benton CST-24 Deluxe hollowbody guitar. Recorded & mixed with Zynewave Podium.

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems A

  • /Stem_67Dumble.flac (4.25MB)
  • /Stem_67Dumble_Reverb_Delay.flac (8.82MB)
  • /Stem_67Dumble_Reverb_Delay_Chorus.flac (9.08MB)
  • /Stem_67Dumble_Reverb.flac (8.24MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems B

  • /Stem_74BlackfaceDeluxe.flac (4.21MB)
  • /Stem_74BlackfaceDeluxe_Reverb.flac (8.14MB)
  • /Stem_74BlackfaceDeluxe_Reverb_Delay.flac (8.68MB)
  • /Stem_74BlackfaceDeluxe_Reverb_Delay_Chorus.flac (8.98MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems C

  • /Stem_Marshall-JCM900.flac (4.07MB)
  • /Stem_Marshall-JCM900_Reverb.flac (7.95MB)
  • /Stem_Marshall-JCM900_Reverb_Delay.flac (8.50MB)
  • /Stem_Marshall-JCM900_Reverb_Delay_Chorus.flac (8.78MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems D

  • /Stem_Roland-JC120.flac (4.12MB)
  • /Stem_Roland-JC120_Reverb.flac (7.99MB)
  • /Stem_Roland-JC120_Reverb_Delay.flac (8.52MB)
  • /Stem_Roland-JC120_Reverb_Delay_Chorus.flac (8.81MB)

"Guitar Instrumental Stem Pack"
by Aussens@iter

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