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N O B O D Y K N O W S (airtone x so sha medley)

uploaded: Tue, Mar 1, 2022 @ 2:10 PM
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mac crashed and using my vintage 2012 laptop - but for me, it was a blessing in disguise because I was able to go back to my roots: voice & words xx

I mixed these three because I feel they tell a story on their own. Challenged myself to express through experimenting with themes that I felt whilst listening to the instrumentals

First part is the frustration and disappointment, then confusion and hope and then a new story unfolds x

thank you airtone for your wonderful creations (!!! I am obsessed !!!) and for CCmixter for hosting this

ps will upload a better mixed version once I get my laptop fixed :-D

this is a mix of improv and spoken word - including my own mother tongue, Taglog/Filipino, so words below:

I can take the cold
Wanderin’ alone
Waking up, n eating, laughing all alone
Cuz I hate being told
what to do, what to wear, who to see
I’d rather be alone

Asking me questions you should already know
If you paid any attention oh
But you’re too focused on you
When will you see the truth
It’s not all black and blue
We’re not the same, me and you

We are more than what is sold
bored of Pretty people doing pretty things
Shit that’s got no soul
Petty people doing petty things

Aren’t you tired of the same old same old?
Same old same old

If I escape the same old same old
I’ll take the cold cold cold

Bakit ‘di na lang tayo?
Bakit ‘di na lang dito?
Ba’t ka pa lalayo?

Nandito naman ako
Ba’t ‘di na lang tayo?
Ano bang meron siya
Na wala sa’kin?

‘Yan ang sabi mo sa’kin

kasi ang dami nang nagbago
I really don’t know where and how I fban dit
dito doon parang noon

in the grand scheme of things
I’ll just go back to how I was
because that’s w thought I wasbelieved that was all I could be

ayokong bumalik
sa dati kong ugali
nagsikap akong matuto
lumayo sa bisyo kong
paulit-ulit kasi ba’t naman hindi
pretty people doing pretty things

sawa na ako sa kwentong ‘to
‘lam ko na ang ending nito/mo

napanood ko na ‘tong palabas na ’to
nakita ko na ‘tong movieng to


"N O B O D Y K N O W S (airtone x so sha medley)"
by @CrazyLittleAsian

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