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On Top of the World

uploaded: Sun, Jun 14, 2015 @ 1:07 AM
FeaturingJohn Fletcher, Patricia Edwards, ElRon XChile, Speck, alexplaysguitar
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Funkin’ for the thrill.

This cycle, our secret victim is John Fletcher. Deciding what to remix was easy since John provided one set of stems entitled Primate Puzzler. The stems comprised a funk rock construction set; creating a remix was a funkin’ groove.

Chopped the funk up into pieces and reassembled the pieces. Using John’s bass and rhythm guitars, we pieced together an accompaniment for Patrica Edward’s “On Toppa Da World”. Note that we pitched Patricia’s voice down to G. Could have pitched John’s stems up to Patricia’s key but was lazy and partial to lower pitched female R&B and Soul voices.

Layered John’s chopped drum beats over a standard, straight ahead, no frills funk rock beat. Side chained the funk drum audio to the bass compressor to keep the beat in front of the rhythm.

Used some short riffs from John’s synthesizer track as accents (it is the lower of the two synth sounds) with the freeware Mr Donald Leslie simulator plugin.

Added mellow horns, JB style horns and higher synth as accents.

Elron recorded an intro, an outro and some rhythmic fills.

Used a canned wah wah guitar sample mixed with an alexplaysguitar wah wah sample to drive parts of the mix. Sidechained alexplaysguitar’s sample audio to the canned wah wah compressor to make room for both wah wah riffs.

Added more than a couple dozen of Speck’s Garage Percussion hits to sharpen the snare transient.

Added some clavinet to Elron’s guitar intro. The clavinet and guitar configuration is typical of our live stage performance sound.

Did not use plugin delay compensation so the mix is funkin’ loose.

Attribution: Noncommercial use of ”On Toppa da World” courtesy of Patricia Edwards and

"On Top of the World"
by texasradiofish

2015 - Licensed under
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Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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