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Texas Boogie (Just Play the Song)

uploaded: Fri, Sep 19, 2014 @ 9:05 PM last modified: Sun, Sep 21, 2014 @ 8:53 PM  (replace)
FeaturingElron Johhson, Doug Johnson, Phil Johnson, Charlie Johnson, robwalkerpoet, Kara Square, MTGakaCaraMelG
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Genesis of the Song

A local cover band, Outboard Johnson, that had not played or performed for 10 years asked ElRon to assist them in a reunion gig by filling in for a deceased member.

ElRon provided a typically boomy sounding video recording of the reunion gig to victimize. We pulled about 12 bars of band audio samples plus crowd noise from the recording to create a Texas Boogie using ElRon guitar tracks recorded last week in studio, “Just Play the Song” and backup vocal assistance by Kara Square, Rob Walker and MTGakaCaraMelG.

The most interesting audio from the live gig is a beer bottle landing on a beer bottle in a trash can located near the video recorder, which is used like a cowbell. MORE BEER BOTTLE!

The song was not intended to be a ccMixter remix but there is a “shhhhh” vocal sound in one of the oft repeated band audio samples that sounded like “shake” or “shake it” in the mix. Searched lyrics for ccMixter pells containing the word “shake” or “shake it”. Found more pells than we needed to provided a backup vocal shout and created a remix to shared on ccMixter.

Note to Mixters: uploading the lyrics for pells is a good practice!

Doug Johnson - bass, vocal
Phil Johnson - guitar, vocal
Charlie Johnson - drums
Elron Johnson - lead guitar, vocal
Unknown person - beer bottle landing in trash can

Note that the Outboard Johnson band members have the same surname in support of their legacy as four bothers from different mothers.

"Texas Boogie (Just Play the Song)"
by texasradiofish

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