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Suburban Desert Abduction

uploaded: Sat, Jan 28, 2012 @ 9:42 AM
bySteven M Bryant
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I did my best at Trying a Twist to rocavaco”s Suburban Desert. A Sci Fi if you will…lol..Tried some effects in the mixing. This is Sci Fi put to Music!
Theres gonna be a party in the desert tonight
And everyone will be there
All the little hotties will be lookin so right
We’ll take the 1st ride what do we care
As long as we get there with time to save
To the Suburban Desert Rave
They say its supposed to be 5 thousand strong
We are gonna party all weekend long
Two woman in a van pulled up and said
Do you two boys need a ride
Bobby winked at me and nodded his head
The ladies said step inside
Bobby’s in the back with the curtain drawn
They were gettin wild the party was on
They were much older and hotter than hell
I was thinking man we’ll have a story to tell
And Then we both blacked out
We both woke up and knew something was wrong
I had a beard about three feet long
Bobby was a girl and a hot one at that
He looked at me and said what are you looking at
Bobby took his hands and felt his breasts
Then he realized he was wearing a dress
High heels makeup and hair so long
I couldnt stop looking is that so wrong
I was transformed into a very old man
But this never stopped our party plan
All the young hotties were lovin my beard
Here I was thinking this is so damned weird
Bobby was dancing with 4 or 5 men
Then every thing got hazy and I blacked out again
When I woke up I was normal again
Bobby still looked like a future girlfriend
Those two older woman were by my side
They said hey Kid enjoying the ride?
I said ladies what have you done
I was ready to bolt I was ready to run
I could’nt move my legs I was frozen in place
Like a one legged man in an ass kicking race
They said you should see the look on your face
were from another galaxy in outerspace
Welcome to our seduction
Suburban Desert Abduction

"Suburban Desert Abduction"
by Steven M Bryant

2012 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
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