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Telling Lies 15 (old song, new pella, rough demo)

uploaded: Sat, Aug 29, 2015 @ 3:16 AM last modified: Sat, Oct 15, 2016 @ 11:44 AM  (add)
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We’re reworking this song with some new vocalists at the moment, and hopefully- - there will by a Cathy version on here too. Attribution only too.

Telling Lies / The Absolute lyrics

i’m telling you
in no uncertain terms
your life’s
a real can of worms
but you make me feel so special
when you’re by my side
i don’t mind
that i’m taken for a ride

‘cos i
i know you’re telling lies
i see it in your eyes
but i don’t want you to leave
so i guess i must believe

i stare
into the abyss
taking comfort in the thought
that ignorance is bliss
it might not last forever
could go either way
i’m livin’ happy baby
if only for today

The Absolute

took a look in the mirror
didn’t like what i saw
but at least i’m seeing the real me
that i’ve never seen before
well, jealousy is a dreadful thing
it eats away at your soul
drives you into a frenzied rage
in you heart, there lies a hole

well i don’t need more money
as long as i can pay the bills
‘cos it don’t make a blind bit of difference
and i don’t need no spice girls
to tell me what i really want
cos the answer to that is deliverance

my teachers did my best for me
but they only told me lies
they never told me in RE
that no-one ever really dies

there is no place called heaven
there is no place called hell
apart from in my state of mind
and they screwed that right up as well

and i don’t need seventy maidens
in a tropical paradise
‘cos it don’t give a bad man back his innocence
and no amount of groupies
can replace a loving wife
and now all that i want is deliverance

i can’t taste the steak that i’m carving
when my brothers and sisters are starving
and at last i finally see
that all men are fruit of the very same tree

survival of the fittest
oh what a con
one suffers and we all do
‘cos we are all one
they say “don’t feel guilty”
forget it and smile
but you don’t cure no problems
with lies and denial

"Telling Lies 15 (old song, new pella, rough demo)"
by stellarartwars

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