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Female Hero (stems)

uploaded: Wed, Oct 3, 2012 @ 7:08 PM last modified: Wed, Oct 3, 2012 @ 7:13 PM  (add)
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Along the lines of Ed Sheeran’s massive hit A Team , about heroin addiction. But a little more blunt. Completely public domain, it’s a catchy tune and you’re free to put better singing and more politically correct lyrics about love or something!

Female hero
Well this is the bottom
I’d never guess i’d come to this
In the company of elvis and jacko
That sensation of eternal bliss
Well yesterday i went to rehab
And all of the boxes i ticked
Well some like it hot, i’ve forgotten the plot
And all i’ve got left’s a script
And i need a female hero
To get me through the day
Holding out for a female hero
Blast my cares away
When you’re sucking on a piece of tinfoil
And you can’t even reason why
Titanic depression, a double dip recession
Shoot my soul up to the sky
Cock a snoot at the petty bourgeois mores
Was i a woman i’d dress up like a whore
I’ve become the sort geezer parents like to
Warn their little kids about
And self esteem goes out the window
And your start to realise life is a joke
If this is case
I’ll stay out of my face
Fixing up what’s not already broke

"Female Hero (stems)"
by stellarartwars

2012 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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