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What's The Point

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Partly inspired by the title of bangcorrupt’s instrumental, partly inspired by the Love, Death and Robots short, Zima Blue (Netflix).

What’s the point of havin’ a billion dollars
What’s the point of havin’ a fast car
What’s the point of of bein’ more than blue collar
I like to travel but Mars is too far
I couldn’t spend it in a hundred lifetimes
I couldn’t drive it the way it’s meant to be
Too much income is also too much headache
And we can stay here if we live responsibly

What’s the point of votin’ for a leader
What’s the point of watchin’ tv
What’s the point of being a breeder
What’s the point of plastic surgery
Try all you want it’s an obvious lie
There’s nothin’ new on as hard as they try
We’re headin’ fast for overpopulation
There’s lots of pretty people, I’m not that guy

What’s the point of mowin’ the lawn
What’s the point of raking the leaves
What’s the point of paving the driveway
when everybody drives SUVs
It’s gonna grow back as fast as you cut it
They’re gonna fall down next time there’s a breeze
Everybody’s gonna get old and die
The best we can hope for is an easy disease

And what’s the point of writing new music
What’s the point of being good at ball
What’s the point of studying the masters
What’s the point of learning how to fall
When every note’s been played before
and every athlete’s had a higher score
You’ll never paint like de Kooning or Rembrandt
You’ll never figure out what it’s all for

So I’m not reaching for the highest heights
I’m living simply and tryna do what’s right
I won’t go out of my way to achieve
I’ll stick to what I was taught to believe
Not by my parents or my teachers or the clergy
But by experience and the things that I see
I’m at my best when I’m the most at one
with simple tasks that I can get well done

"What's The Point"
by Speck

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