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Beauty Queen

uploaded: Mon, Mar 23, 2009 @ 4:36 PM
FeaturingAdmiral Bob, Bill Ray & Barrett
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Yesterday I drew the grunge card and then a black one, meaning it had to be alternative. I found this very hard since early 90’s WestCoast grunge was quite formulated.
Anyway here’s my best shot at the genre with a little bit to say about heroin abuse and toxic relationships; sadly the reason for the demise of many bands in this genre.
This beauty queen seems to have dragged herself out of the hole by climbing up the bodies of others.

Many thanks again to Bill Ray on the drums. I’m going to wear out his “slow blues” track, because there’s so many little variations in it that are ripe for splicing.
Admiral Bob on the clean guitar phrasing introducing the second verse lift off.
I used Barrett’s big wall of guitar sound as a chord render after detuning him to an open G.
Instrumental stems and pells up shortly.
I’m not too sure about this one.

BTW. Reggae (commercial) is the card I just drew for tomorrow. Man. (or should I say Munnn)

Beauty Queen

I should have known
that hey hey
from feelings you’ve shown (to me)
but whooo whoo
I could have grown
from hey hey
the tumors you shown to me

I couldn’t see what you saw in your dream
those faces so black
in your world in between

your such a beauty queen

I woke kind of drunk
to your blood curdling scream
had me willing to to learn
from the morals you’ve burnt
in your black headed scene

your such a beauty queen

from toxic sludge you’ve been weened
wiped from pure alcohol
I’m sure drug tests will show
up your black headed sheen

your such a beauty queen
climb on aboard
take a ride on my
leather black chrome machine

such a
such a beauty queen

When I was young I was so underpaid
I was down on my luck
and way too drunk to fuck
in the lair that I’d made

I’d visited places you saw in those dreams
Cut a deal the beast
for the best of it least
to a tortured friends screams

blown my socks up the track
to the crack
for a show of me clean
cut myself with a knife
for the meaning of life
and the things that I’d seen
Your such a beauty queen

I woke up drunk
to your blood curdling scream
caught a train to the Cross
I’m not giving a toss
for your black hearted scene.

Your such a beauty queen

toxic sludge I’ve been weened
wiped in pure alcohol
I’m sure drug tests will show
up your black hearted sheen

Such a beauty queen
Such a beauty queen
Such a beauty queen
beauty queen

RIP Kurt Cobain 1994

Scomber 2009

"Beauty Queen"
by Scomber

2009 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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