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TGIF (Urban Concussion) Pella

uploaded: Sun, Feb 8, 2009 @ 8:26 AM
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Here’s the pell for TGIF (Thank God its Friday AKA - Tits go in front)
My remixed jazz/rap interpretation is here


I was stumblin on home after a particularly late night squeezn a lemon
Thank God its Friday I said to myself
lookn down towards that coal black heaven
said a voice
like some kind of salt-tequila-treated felon
when the soul of my shoe took a turn for worse
And I fell right down
to crack my melon

Time to take that
purple 507
a bus full of crazies
weaving its way through the city streets of my mind
tickets please
(asked a dude who looked and sounded like
george benson)

I sat down
I spied a girl, all legs and yellow moulded hair to the left
She said her name was Flo like the blood running down my neck
and wore a T shirt that read the letters TGIF
Thank God its Friday.

Then I said to her
(leaning close)
Do you know what the letters mean?
her eyebrows raised
and kind a black
as if i wasn’t clean
And then I said;
Do you really know?
she says:
I thought it was a care instruction like -
do not tumble dry
or wash in your machine…

I said
do you know what they say?
Its a wearing instruction she said
all armed and primed
and armed
and aimed at your destruction

“Tits go in front” (TGIF)
she said again…

I met a girl
(so sweet)
in my concussion
the pain pounding in my ach’n head
- my soul percussion

when I promised her then
that I’d treat her right
(enough to please her)
to the ends of this world again
in my amnesia

Thank God its Friday

I said to the doctor
“Thank God its Friday”
He looked at me kind of strangely and said
“Thank God its Monday”
Thank God its Friday
It was kind of my day

"TGIF (Urban Concussion) Pella"
by ScOmBer

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Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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