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:) Happy May Day 2012!! thank you for all the
welcoming warmth and kindnesses that
you have shown me, my new ccmixter friends!

“maelstrom” by sLow_starteR
lyrics & vocal melody re-arranged
to accompany Javolenus’ artful guitar instrumental;
thanks Javolenus! Will add stems 2nite

(note: “tiktokman” & “lady of the shadows” are affectionate, yet
indirect, references to works of Harlan Ellison & Stephen King, respectively.)

‘Time’s up’ cried Farewhether Mort
(In more hushed tones referred 2 as the tiktokman),
Revolvers at either hand,
Too many hapless lives had met demise at their report.

‘Be steadfast, dear Reckless Heart’—
My lady of the shadows whispered in my ear—
‘Be sure now 2 make things clear,
Perhaps the tiktokman will change his mind & fall apart.’

She’d journeyed four countless years
Thru the peaks & valleys of her nameless fears,
Surrendered to few & far,
But neither of us could 4c my future writ in scars.

A quiet descended quick,
Crows off in the distance tilted spell-song looks.
Farewhether spun more surprise—
If I’d accept his bargain, he assured there’d be no lies—

‘Ride now from this land below,
Cast urself against the rocks of Starry Row.
A cold doom that many bear…
In compensation, unlike u, this fate she’ll never share.’

‘Be careful, impulsive love’—
She telepathed 2 me as I unlocked my gun—
‘It’s time 4 us both 2 run,
The forces here at play are darker than his days are long.’

I kissed her & stroked her hair
Recognizing every memory holds its share.
A maelstrom of love’s sweet care
But someday I’ll return 2 leave in smoke her father’s lair.

I steadied my stinking heart
& one last time she held me w/ her seasoned eyes.
How odd in the twilite skies,
Her star has grown much brighter than I’d ever realized


by sLow_starteR

2012 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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