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Illah Nice

uploaded: Thu, Jan 29, 2009 @ 12:21 AM
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Loops and drum kit in .wav format. From my The Streets Odyssey Sample Library.

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /Illah Nice 74/1971arp.wav (1.09MB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/cream.wav (1.09MB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/fallingAtomz.wav (558.74KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/illDrumz.wav (1.09MB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/intro.wav (1.09MB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/bugHat1.wav (69.88KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/bugHat2.wav (69.88KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/clap1.wav (69.88KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/cream1.wav (69.88KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/cream2.wav (69.88KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/cream3.wav (69.88KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/cream4.wav (69.88KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/cream5.wav (69.88KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/cream6.wav (69.88KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/HHPCLP12.WAV (27.81KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/HHPCY12.WAV (499.60KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/HHPHH12.WAV (14.88KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/HHPHH13.WAV (52.85KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/HHPKK11.WAV (49.90KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/HHPKK175.WAV (46.20KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/HHPPER12.WAV (48.55KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/HHPSFX11.WAV (215.84KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/HHPSN163.WAV (39.18KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/HHPSNP10.WAV (12.55KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/kick1.wav (69.88KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/needleDrop.wav (69.88KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/panel1.wav (279.39KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/panel2.wav (279.39KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/rudy.wav (279.39KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/saw1.wav (69.88KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/saw2.wav (69.88KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/saw3.wav (69.88KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/saw4.wav (69.88KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/kit/spacey.wav (279.39KB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/sawBass.wav (1.09MB)
  • /Illah Nice 74/sidepanel.wav (1.09MB)

"Illah Nice"
by rokamic

2009 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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