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uploaded: Sun, Jul 18, 2010 @ 7:05 AM
FeaturingBillRay, kthugha
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Full power polyrhythmics with special arithmetics.
5: kthungha’s track is in 5/4
6: the composition is in a hexatonic style
7: this track is now in 7/8
35: 5 and 7 are prime numbers, so the rhythm’s meet only at 35/8

First I tried to make a tribute to Nik Bärtsch but at the end it became more like a 70’s Billy Cobham remake. Probably because Bill Ray is so a powerful drummer! Thanks also to kthugha for his unterestimated “the time without” (sorry, had to speed it up a lot). Was big fun on remixing.

I could not find Bill Ray’s “Seven Deadly Sins” in the archives so I attributed to another one of his great samples. Glad that I saved it some time ago :-)

And as always: constructive criticism is very welcome.

by rocavaco

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