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uploaded: Sat, Sep 21, 2019 @ 6:59 AM
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hello. my name is latifa.
i am the daughter
of sheikh mahommed
the prince of dubai.

i live in a steel and glass tower
above the clouds
in the richest city
on your planet.

looking down on manmade islands
in the shape of our world’s continents
looking down on the giant image of my bearded father
on the side of towers which pierce the clouds

the image of the white-robed man
who clips my wings
my black rapunzel hair shrouded
from the gaze of lustful men

i have wealth beyond
your wildest dreams
i have a hundred servants
there is no luxury beyond my reach

i jump from planes into a vastness of sky
a free bird
yet i always return to earth
always back to the tower

my cage of gold.

- Rob Walker
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