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A wonderful lie (ft. Lisa dB & colab)

uploaded: Tue, May 6, 2014 @ 8:02 AM
FeaturingLisa deBenedictis, colab, Puie, Stefsax, Geert Veneklaas, Jurgen Hermann
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Just had to remix this one. (You are spared my usual shakuhachi and poetry!)
I’m beguiled by Lisa dB’s voice with its beautiful blend of innocence and world-weary cynicism. I especially like colab’s slightly unnerving production and I couldn’t resist using samples of other wind instrument samples by ccmixter artists who play far better than I do.
Hope you all like the result.
Thanks to the ccmixter stalwarts who’ve uploaded this wonderful potpourri of samples over many years.

vocals: Lisa deBenedictis
production, keyboards, bass & everything else: colab
soprano sax: Puie
tenor sax: stefsax (I like it like that – sax samples)
bass clarinets: Geert Veneklaas, (from Hot Core ft. Snowflake), Jurgen Hermann (from Rest by CiggiBurns)

Thanks to all,

"A wonderful lie (ft. Lisa dB & colab)"
by robwalkerpoet

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