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Meet Self Doubt

uploaded: Mon, Apr 16, 2012 @ 2:17 PM
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Poem about an old friend…

Meet Self Doubt

You meet Self Doubt soon after you begin school. He’s not a close friend but he’s always there for you. Saying I-told-you-so when you fail. Smirking a little, nodding politely when you succeed, just to let you know he’s still around. Self Doubt is loyal. He’ll talk to you even when no-one else will. You have so much in common. He’ll whisper to you even in the middle of those sleepless nights. Nobody quite understands you like he does. He’ll teach you his favourite expressions: Just my luck. Typical. Too good to last. Brought it on myself. Teaches you to get real. Play safe. Stop being stupid. Act your age. His advice is beyond value. He’ll bask in your success, take a long all-expenses-paid holiday overseas for years. But don’t worry. Like all true friends
he’ll be back.

"Meet Self Doubt"
by robwalkerpoet

2012 - Licensed under
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