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No Spaghetti for the Blind Man

uploaded: Sat, Jun 7, 2008 @ 6:39 AM
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I wrote these words after a visit to my local coffee shop. Yes that’s the one. Whilst there a blind man came in looking for pasta as he had been told by some wags that it was a Spaghetti House. A kindly patron explained his error and took him back outside and pointed him in the right direction. The rest of us lost souls continued our journey through the pages of magazines and laptops sustained by coffee and cake. Anonymous people in a homogenous setting. All caffeine relatives but no one talking.

No Spaghetti for the Blind Man

Its a strange imagination thats kept us here just waiting
Alone amongst the tension the air is filled with questions
A room of cheap perfume and bargains a Saturday worth having

No spaghetti for the blind man no sugar for the kind man
Just hot coffee and cakes
Dreams for those who want them and stories of class struggles
Amongst the cups and plates

And who in here can argue that what we have is packaged
But the wrapping is exquisite and the ribbon worth the visit
She tells me shes wicked a product of her childhood
And by the way whats your name

And were falling for the habit its a trick to make us rabid
An infection of the spirit and a caffeine scented high
Its a light inside a tunnel its a way in which to funnel
All our hopes and aspirations and our tendency to fly
Higher than a Virgin but much lower than a sturgeon
In a sea of sharks and men of war and others who have come before
A palace of impostors and a film by Kevin Costner
That we want to hate but really love its deeper than we thought

"No Spaghetti for the Blind Man"
by radiotimes

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