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All It Takes

uploaded: Wed, Jan 7, 2009 @ 2:20 AM
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When I was 12 I asked my Grandfather if he would tell me the secret of life. And he answered, “Let’s wait for that. If I tell you now you’ll never believe me.” Years later I realized he had been sharing the secret with me every day of his life. And the answer was far less complicated than I would have thought.

v.1 i found truth in the back yard, with my grandad by my side, his simple words of wisdom i can still recall, he never went down easy, and of all the souls i’ve known, i can say i miss him most of all.

v.2 he was in my life for a reason, he was there to show me the way, he’d made his peace with god & man, and they let him go his own way. solid as an old oak tree, generous & strong, slow to anger, and quick to share a song.

chorus and he’d say, it’s all about knowin’ what you want, versus what you need, tryin’ not to hurt no one, gettin’ up to speed. when you’ve got a job to do, you give it all you can. that’s all there is to it, son, that’s all it takes, to be a man.

v.3 one of these days and it won’t be long, i’ll be with him forever. time will come to brush us all aside, with no party for the goin’ away. the sunrise come & the sunset go, until the brighter day, grandad taught me not to fear it, and i think about him every day.

"All It Takes"
by panu

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