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piano brass funk

uploaded: Wed, Feb 9, 2011 @ 4:42 AM last modified: Wed, Feb 9, 2011 @ 4:44 AM  (add)
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a short little funk tune with a trumpet, piano and a beat. all samples are uploaded as individual loops. would be cool to make this cooler, but i’m stuck.

i got started on this one because someone made a negative comment on a simple piano tune i uploaded to youtube:

i really liked it myself and had forgotten about, so i decided to add a beat, etc to it.

i wish i could team up with someone who needed an idea to start with, but who could then develop a song into something cool. i’m the opposite. i have a million ideas and it’s easy to start something, but i never seem to be able to finish my idea completely. anyone like that out there?! =)
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Contents of ZIP Archive: wav loops

  • /wav/piano/4_E_D_3E_.wav (275.67KB)
  • /wav/piano/4_G_A_3A_.wav (275.67KB)
  • /wav/piano/4_B_A_3A_.wav (275.67KB)
  • /wav/piano/4_A_G_3A_.wav (275.67KB)
  • /wav/piano/4_D_E_3E_.wav (275.67KB)
  • /wav/beats/1hihat3kick_.wav (275.67KB)
  • /wav/beats/1hihat2kick_.wav (275.67KB)
  • /wav/beats/1hihat2kick_2_.wav (275.67KB)
  • /wav/beats/1hihat4kick_.wav (275.67KB)
  • /wav/brass/3_D_G_A_.wav (2.11MB)
  • /wav/brass/4_G_x2_3A_.wav (275.67KB)
  • /wav/brass/4_G_A_3A_brass_.wav (275.67KB)
  • /wav/brass/4D_x2_.wav (275.67KB)
  • /wav/brass/4E_.wav (275.67KB)
  • /wav/brass/4_D_E_3E_brass_.wav (275.67KB)
  • /wav/brass/4D_.wav (275.67KB)
  • /wav/brass/4_B_A_3A_brass_.wav (275.67KB)
  • /wav/brass/3_E__4_D_E_.wav (275.67KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: flac loops

  • /flac/piano/4_G_A_3A_.flac (101.34KB)
  • /flac/piano/4_D_E_3E_.flac (100.69KB)
  • /flac/piano/4_E_D_3E_.flac (100.29KB)
  • /flac/piano/4_B_A_3A_.flac (100.59KB)
  • /flac/piano/4_A_G_3A_.flac (100.06KB)
  • /flac/beats/1hihat4kick_.flac (60.54KB)
  • /flac/beats/1hihat3kick_.flac (63.84KB)
  • /flac/beats/1hihat2kick_.flac (58.89KB)
  • /flac/beats/1hihat2kick_2_.flac (58.43KB)
  • /flac/brass/4_G_x2_3A_.flac (73.65KB)
  • /flac/brass/3_D_G_A.flac (523.15KB)
  • /flac/brass/4_G_A_3A_brass_.flac (80.92KB)
  • /flac/brass/4E_.flac (62.36KB)
  • /flac/brass/4D_x2_.flac (65.27KB)
  • /flac/brass/4_D_E_3E_brass_.flac (75.72KB)
  • /flac/brass/4D_.flac (61.04KB)
  • /flac/brass/3_E__4_D_E_.flac (70.14KB)
  • /flac/brass/4_B_A_3A_brass_.flac (78.84KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: lmms file + png

  • /20110204_5_2.mmpz (7.00KB)
  • /20110204_5_2.png (377.33KB)

"piano brass funk"
by Nickleus

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