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Black Rainbow - n9 mix

uploaded: Sat, Jun 27, 2009 @ 8:37 PM
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Inspired by Pitx’s beautiful piece, Black Rainbow. ‘Cause even black rainbows have silver linings :-)

Hope you enjoy and thank you for listening.

Black Rainbow
You walked across the water
I was thinking you were god
You’re just another another of the one’s that are gone

You’re the monster in my memory
in the closet deep
I bar and shut the door
but in my mind you always creep

Your my poison, you’re just a habit
You’re the monkey on my back
I should have left you long ago
Promise me you won’t come back, you won’t come back

Was it one or was it ten
that you kept me under lock and key
I aged a hundred hundreds
and lost a bit of me

Your words were soft and vicious
The cut a million times
They made me small and fragile
and I died a thousand times


The longer you’ve been gone
The happier I am
Think of all that wasted life
And love I can’t get back

I will fly to the sun
I will touch the sky
I will rise and rise again
You can’t hold me back


"Black Rainbow - n9 mix"
by narva9

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