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uploaded: Mon, Oct 7, 2013 @ 6:38 PM last modified: Mon, Oct 7, 2013 @ 6:38 PM  (add)
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Pell in downloads — Rabble(2) mp3. Contains one f-bomb.

This is one of my favorite old Plockboy lyrics. Piling speck’s and rizkeyG’s beats on top of each other somehow reminded me of the opening track of MMW’s The Dropper.

Please remix, since my vox production sucks (in fact, it’s nonexistent — the dry pell from Downloads is still dry in the mix). Note that each verse is 11 measures of 4/4.

I’ve got a headache most of the time
But I’ve gotta lick it up suck it up tough it out, wait it out, put ‘em up, get in line
If I had three wishes I think I’d
Use a couple, use a couple with the quickness.
Can I can I can I get another witness?
When he said “Stop” I froze, but I stepped on his toes.
It’s just a cop you know, I said
One for all and all for one; let’s go!

I’ve got a sense we’re all related
Although I hate it we are trial separated.
We didn’t stray; we deviated.
Fuck bein’ hard, Plockboy is complicated.
Everything but the sink, everyone stinks — I know
Eskimos, cousins, quakers, dozens, bakers, let’s go!

The jury, they were furiously inbreeding
It offends me; can’t see the frenzy for the feeding
They’re swimmin’ in charts and graphs, when I start to laugh they throw darts and gavels.
They curse the rabble.
We can’t unravel, we’ve got to go
Let’s go!

by mwic

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