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what feeds you

uploaded: Thu, Jul 19, 2012 @ 10:03 AM
FeaturingXesús Valle, snowflake, robwalkerpoet
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I started the track way too late (Monday) to finish it on time. I haven’t had much time since, but didn’t want to let it sit completely unshared given that I’d been foolish enough to tweet ahead of time that I wanted to do a disquiet/ccmixter mashup (inspired by @colab’s doing much the same a while back). Anyway, I won’t add this to the disquiet group unless invited, given how late it is, but I’ll tag it for the curious.

The original plan was to do something more in the vein of my previous submissions, then partway through I had this idea that I wanted to do something that sounded like it could almost have been off of Two Dark Park or Sheila Liked the Rodeo. In the end it is none of those things, and ends rather abruptly because 1) I just don’t have time and 2) I don’t have the storage space on soundcloud for a longer mix anyway.

Xesús Valle - tanku
robwalkerpoet - the finger
snowflake - like a sycamore
subdes2 - harmonica_80bpm_D7

Source music from the album Gently Annoying by Xesús Valle, remixed courtesy of the Creative Commons “Attribution-Non Commerical-Share Alike” license:

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"what feeds you"
by mutagene

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