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uploaded: Sun, Sep 11, 2022 @ 12:43 AM
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Oh boy, that was a wild journey. I was pretty lucky that I was assigned to Bluemillenium. I really love the old remixes and whish there were more of them. But the new ones are also cool.

So without having any idea where to go I dug through the songs and got caught by “Je ne peux pas le retenir”. That was unexpected. I love the energy and the song at all. But there was to less drums for me. I love drums. And I love repetetive drums.

Wanted to add just a little. So I started the TR8 and played along a little bit. Switching over to Ableton I created another more break beat like drumline, that made it into this remix. Wanted to add some acid bassline to make it sound more like mine.

Time flies by and Bruno Kramm (you might know him from his famous band “Das Ich” asked for people that wanted to test his AI based “ Retro Future Synthcomposer”. I offered my support and got access to the tool. I’s a really great tool and creates nice melodies.

Now I had another challenge. I wanted to mix both worlds.

And here we go. Synth sounds wrapping around funk.

by musikpirat

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