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Episodes of God's Love

uploaded: Thu, May 26, 2011 @ 6:38 AM
byMalcolm Lovett
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it’s all over me
and I can’t get it off
my body is covered
with an adhesive
that’s strong and soft
I tried to shower to remove it
but I still came out the same
what is it? I don’t know
does it even have a name?

I used fire to try to burn it
but it refused to go away
I even put ice on it to freeze it to death
but it just would not stray
I wanted to rub it out
but ended up rubbing it in
this substance has now been marinated
deep into my skin

and God’s love
has covered me

I’ve been throwing
knees and elbows
high and low blows
but it just keeps coming
I’ve got no choice but to stand up and fight
because I’ve tried running

but like a toddler I ran and fell
then ended up in a heaven
I thought was hell
I’m kinda twisted now
as you can tell
I got hit in the nose
and it’s wide open
and I can smell

while I was on the ground
I got hit in both of my eyes
they swelled shut
I looked messed up
like I had on a disguise
but it was when my eyes were closed
that I saw my dreams

then when the swelling subsided
I could no longer fight it
I woke up
realizing what life means
and God’s love beat me down
in order to raise me up

I tried something I never tried before
so now I’m shaking
sweating forgetting
it’s so hot
it’s like I’m baking
my body’s aching

but I’m a fiend
so I’m begging for more
I need it
I want it
‘cause it enables me to soar
to higher heights
like an angel in flight
that’s never coming down
this thing keeps me elevated
and I’m so elated
that I never again touch the ground

and it only took one real good hit
to get me to this point
and it’s a permanent fix
so I will not need
another single joint
you see God’s love has got me

for life

"Episodes of God's Love"
by Malcolm Lovett

2011 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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