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synth loops

uploaded: Mon, Apr 3, 2006 @ 12:53 PM
bylo tag blanco
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Seven keyboard lines that I will most likely never use, created with FL Studio and a Korg Kontrol.

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  • /lotagblanco_95bpm_keylead_003.wav (870.58KB)
  • /lotagblanco_91bpm_keylead_004.wav (908.85KB)
  • /lotagblanco_94bpm_keylead_005.wav (879.84KB)
  • /lotagblanco_90bpm_keylead_006.wav (459.56KB)
  • /lotagblanco_87bpm_keylead_007.wav (475.40KB)
  • /lotagblanco_90bpm_keylead_001.wav (918.94KB)
  • /lotagblanco_90bpm_keylead_002.wav (918.94KB)

"synth loops"
by lo tag blanco

2006 - Licensed under
Creative Commons

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