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california meets texas meets europe

uploaded: Wed, Aug 3, 2022 @ 5:52 AM last modified: Wed, Aug 3, 2022 @ 1:21 PM  (replace)
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my first real ccmixter remix.

i split texasradiofish’s track i’m gonna settle for less into a vocal and an instrumental track by an artificial intelligence. then i used an artificial intelligence to create the chords and a subbass track of fish’s song. then i ran the chords through my piano vst and created a piano track. saved it as midi. and then i loaded texas’ instrumental into my daw. added the piano. loaded some contact instruments using the previously created midi tracks. added a drum sample and a steel guitar sample. then i searched for an acapella from ccmixter’s rich fundus. then i let an artificial intelligence master the song. and then i added the free vst fresh air and the cheap vst magicmushroom from waves audio. quickly checked if it’s too bassy or too high or too mid with a vst. i forgot the name. then i recorded it and let an artificial intelligence master it again. saved the wave.

and now i will convert the wave into a high quality mp3 and send it through the biggest internet node in the world 3 km from here from offenbach and then frankfurt to california and hope that this account will not be blocked.

I have made for 2 hours real effort with this remix.

by the way i’m pretty drunk now after 1, 2 liters of red wine and 1,2 liters of pepsi max together with my medication. and i still have a bit.

by the way i went to my 100 dollar an hour psychologist eva katrin today. tomorrow i have to go to ann kathrin. my 300 dollar an hour psychiatrist.

kristian, you need company. you need to be grounded.

kristian, the virtual world is not everything.


greetings from offenbach.

i must have been too drunk earlier. the acapella didn’t fit. now i found one i like. however, i had to mess around with texasradiofish’s song and speed up my remix to 115 bpm and turn down snowflake’s vocals to 115 bpm.

hard birth. but now it works.

california meets texas meets europe.

"california meets texas meets europe"
by krist

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