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We Are More (Cold Ears Remix Event Pell)

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Thanks to Starfrosch and Jerry Spoon for the invitation to collaborate on there new project. I was humming these words in my head a few days before I listened to Cold Ears for the first time. I instantly became inspired to sing them in their hypnotic groove. There is know arrangement in my mind for these words, just placed into the track for ease of remixing. Keep dreaming, keep remixing!

Let go of the reasons
Bend the iron bars
Breathe into the freedom
Of who you truly are
We are more than what we seem
We are more than just a dream.

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  • /spin_vocals_layer_01.flac (1.94MB)
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  • /spin_vocals_layer_03.flac (1.40MB)
  • /spin_vocals_layer_04.flac (1.93MB)
  • /spin_vocals_layer_05.flac (3.83MB)
  • /spin_vocals_layer_06.flac (1.43MB)
  • /spin_vocals_layer_07.flac (1.43MB)
  • /spin_vocals_verse_01.flac (7.38MB)
  • /spin_vocals_verse_02.flac (6.84MB)
  • /spin_vocals_verse_03.flac (7.50MB)

"We Are More (Cold Ears Remix Event Pell)"
by spinningmerkaba

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