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thOnk experiment 1

uploaded: Sat, Nov 21, 2009 @ 4:18 PM
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thOnk is computer program that is equal parts genius and insane. Created by Arjen van der Schoot, it uses granular synthesis (chopping audio into small discreet “grains” and putting them back together) but applies random algorithms to them.

In layman’s terms. Audio goes in, gets chopped into literally billions of pieces, these pieces are chaotically re-arranged and then spat back out.

It’s creator sees it mostly as a tool, but I feel he deserves some co-credit for this and future creations I might upload using his software monster.

You can download it here, provided you have a Mac that can run in Classic.

This particular track is the same piano bit that I tagged at the end of Untilted a while ago. It starts off recognizable as such, and gradually veers off.

"thOnk experiment 1"
by jaspertine

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