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Mr Slow

uploaded: Fri, Nov 28, 2008 @ 3:19 PM
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There was this very distinct sound playing in the back of my head, a single note or chord following a rhythmic pattern, which I hummed repeatedly while tapping on various objects, and it slowly evolved into a hook, and it became a song.

Incidentally, this is not that song. No, it changed quite a bit over the course of adding other parts to it, which is one of the things that I do like about electronic music, or really, about working with computers in general; that everything remains dynamic until the end. Even now, with the track uploaded, there’s nothing stopping me from mixing it again, and with different results.

The acoustic guitar isn’t quite playing the same chord pattern as the rest of the song, which is because it was lifted off some old bedroom track I recorded years ago, and just plunked in there, with a bit of manipulation, of course. Also, the ending contains my fourth use of Sangiano’s gorgeous cello recording.

That ending is, as far as I’m concerned, the thing that holds the whole track together. Had I not come up with that sound while lying in bed, the track would never have been finished. Bonus points if you can guess which song inspired it.

"Mr Slow"
by jaspertine

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