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Tiny Spaceships

uploaded: Wed, Sep 25, 2019 @ 8:13 AM last modified: Thu, Oct 3, 2019 @ 1:42 AM  (replace)
byHans Atom
FeaturingDonnie Ozone
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To make this one sound authentic, I added some tiny spacemen, a large robot and a flying saucer emiting theremin sounds.
Did I forget something? I hope not.

Thanks Donnie for sharing this wonderful pella. It is intergalactic!

3.10. Just added a new folder “stems2” which now has a working “bass”-stem and a new “deep synth” stem, which is extracted out of the sequenced synths. This should make it easier to remix. And remixing is much apprecitated!

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /tiny spaceships stems1/tiny spaceships stems1/additional voices.flac (10.73MB)
  • /tiny spaceships stems1/tiny spaceships stems1/c64 synth.flac (9.74MB)
  • /tiny spaceships stems1/tiny spaceships stems1/sequenced synth.flac (13.28MB)
  • /tiny spaceships stems1/tiny spaceships stems1/theremin.flac (4.58MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /tiny spaceships stems2/bass.flac (3.94MB)
  • /tiny spaceships stems2/deep synth.flac (9.16MB)
  • /tiny spaceships stems2/drums1.flac (17.85MB)
  • /tiny spaceships stems2/seq synth.flac (9.73MB)

"Tiny Spaceships"
by Hans Atom

2019 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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Editorial pick

Synthpop with a hip-hop attitude! Hans Atom provides the sci-fi backdrop for Donnie Ozone’s tale of extraterrestrial visitors in this head-bopping remix. The truth’s out there, yo, just under our noses :)