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House of Ghosts

uploaded: Sun, Oct 30, 2016 @ 3:43 AM last modified: Sun, Oct 30, 2016 @ 3:44 AM  (add)
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The 1908 Segundo de Chomon film known to English-s[url=]pe[url]aking audiences as “The House of Ghosts” (more properly known as “La maison ensorcelĂ©e” or “The Witch House”) is in the public domain and located here:

But my direct inspiration for this song was not that film, nor the 2012 Christopher R. Mihm film of the same name, nor the 2008 novel of that name by Lawrence Kaplan nor even the Creative-Commons-licensed song of that name by Anthony Donovan and John Hyatt []

My inspiration instead came from the idea that a walk in ethereal places would be like a visit to different room or settings of spirits from other planes of existence. This was not to be a “house of horrors”, then, as in a horror movie, but a house of spirits—a “House of Ghosts”.

Each passage is a passage—a room or hallway—to less real and more real place where people who were and will be reside.

In our house we visit a disparate but connected set of sounds, for which Robbero’s hip-hop stylings provide the music.

In this piece the goal is the Halloween goal of giving a fright nor the Days of the Dead goal of remembering those who have passed, but instead to use music to provide a brief tour of other places and other spirits.

Thank you to Robbero for creating the foundation tracks, which I mixed and morphed and bent to fit my notion of the spirits’ will.


"House of Ghosts"
by gurdonark

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