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White Rock Lake

uploaded: Sat, May 3, 2008 @ 11:59 PM
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White Rock Lake is a large urban lake in the northern part of Dallas. Some urban lakes are put-up affairs, offering a fairly sterile experience seeking to provide concrete oases. White Rock Lake is the other, “real” kind of lake, which offers wetlands, wildlife, people-watching, sailboats on the horizon, seabirds, herons in abundance, a charming little free art museum, and miles amd miles of places to walk.

I wanted to remix Cheryl Ann Fulton’s work, because her harp songs are just so charming, and because I’ve really come to value Magnatune and everything it does.
I’ve just become a “subscriber” in their new download plan, and it’s been great to have access to more music for my mp3 player.

Lately I listen to a lot of classical music, along with the elecronic forms I favor. I had thought perhaps that I’d find myself trying to peck out concertos on my little sawcutter softsynth, but this jazz-influenced piece resulted instead.

I’m grateful to the fellows at Trifonic (great new album, by the way, worth the purchase) for their cool percussion samples, and to acclivity, whose freesound field recordings are always a delight.

"White Rock Lake"
by gurdonark

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