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I'll Touch the Sky

uploaded: Sat, Apr 19, 2008 @ 4:34 PM
FeaturingHektor Thillet reading Narva9
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In a Danish woodland an inner monologue ensues. Is a sounding crow an omen, or a blessing? We all wander in our own Danish woodlands, asking our own existential questions, working out our salvations with fear and trembling.

After several weeks of working on two ambient contributions to compilation releases which are more “dark” and dissonant, I wanted to spend a quiet, post-prairie-hike Saturday afternoon with a simple, minimalist melody.
Call this my penance for managing to miss the Phillip Glass concert on Thursday evening—a bit like playing “ode to joy” on my can-jo.

I wish to offer a plug for the new Trifonic album, which combines ambient, electronica, dancefloor, rock, and good, old-fashioned goodness. It’s a service that they’ve uploaded all these stems to the mixter—but more importantly, if you’ve got a fondness for eclectic electronica,
I suggest you go buy a copy at I’m glad I did—great tunes, reasonable pricing, and remix licenses. This is the future. We run the time machine.

The time has come to stop supporting mega-corporate A/R people who don’t listen to their consumers, and to support people who give back. This is the way forward, and each of you/us/them is part of the solution to the problem caused by the RIAA.

"I'll Touch the Sky"
by gurdonark

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