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Secrets of Egypt

uploaded: Mon, Jun 10, 2019 @ 12:22 PM last modified: Mon, Jun 10, 2019 @ 12:23 PM  (add)
byMichael Burnz
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ccMixter — been here with ya’ll almost 10 years. Let’s build the next 10 with One Love. Peace.

Secrets of Egypt
By Michael Burns

Uk USA all the way to outer space
10 years decade / repping with consistencay
love never changes nah it won’t go away/
in fact love is ancient , put the world in it’s place
nuff of a dem hate and I hate it when they go astray/
better pray 4 mercy cuz dem seeds coming back to stay
Be not deceived that greed is leading us astray/
all u really need is love, like the Beatles say
come together or we all die silentlay
but it seem all they wanna do is separate
y’all crazy me and mine love ya anyway
/ Imma king I ain’t Funkin wit ya jealousay
push play let ya boi take the pain away/
speak life speak life speak life
Im on the floor wit it
I just go get it / when MikeMIc spit it
You know they gone feel it
Ayo America we gotta gotta work it out
And in the UK AYE we gotta work it out
Wide is the path to death take the narrow route
Cuz in the end is life my man no doubt!
False teacher tell me what u really teaching bout
Say ya love God but don’t wanna help your brother out?

10 years decade repping with consistency
Put ya hands up if ya feeling me


"Secrets of Egypt"
by Michael Burnz

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Creative Commons
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