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little bouncing ball

uploaded: Wed, Feb 25, 2015 @ 12:05 AM last modified: Wed, Feb 25, 2015 @ 12:12 AM  (add)
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For Global Game Jam 2015 I produced these components for a generative soundtrack for a game called “ Project Imperative,” a Pong variant which changes the gameplay rules every 30 seconds. In service of that, there are a bunch of different motifs that can be randomly combined in 30-second intervals (including audio tails).

At some point I will get around to building an example soundtrack engine in HTML5, but in the meantime you can just load them up into your DAW of choice and build an arrangement or the like. I have provided a sample arrangement as the mp3 here.

Contents of ZIP Archive: part 1

  • /bassarp-1.flac (2.19MB)
  • /bassarp-2.flac (2.56MB)
  • /bassarp-3.flac (2.53MB)
  • /bleep-1.flac (2.43MB)
  • /bleep-2.flac (2.18MB)
  • /bleep-3.flac (3.47MB)
  • /chime-1.flac (2.78MB)
  • /chime-2.flac (2.47MB)
  • /chime-3.flac (2.09MB)
  • /drum-1.flac (2.57MB)
  • /drum-2.flac (2.50MB)
  • /drum-3.flac (1.99MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: part 2

  • /dubbass-1.flac (2.72MB)
  • /dubbass-2.flac (2.37MB)
  • /dubbass-3.flac (2.32MB)
  • /jitter-1.flac (1.70MB)
  • /tingwhirl-1.flac (2.29MB)
  • /tingwhirl-2.flac (2.71MB)
  • /tingwhirl-3.flac (2.17MB)
  • /whirl-1.flac (1.59MB)
  • /whoosh-1.flac (3.17MB)

"little bouncing ball"
by fluffy

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