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Stop Rokkasho (el-B Granular Reprocess remix)

uploaded: Sat, Dec 23, 2006 @ 2:20 AM
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Vocals are random chopped with a granulizer plugin. I played a few extra patterns in with some electric piano sound (CS1x) and sunk them in to the reverb to get more atmospherics and to support the melody because of the filtering effects applied to the original. These CS1x sounds include the basic chords (best heard during the breakdown around 3:45) and some easy solos recorded on the first take. The bassline is a lowpassed beat loop beefed up with a few sine bass sounds here and there.

There are a few bits of bus/track automation applied, controlling the amount of signal running to different places: The original song is divided into two bands with eq and the one containing more higher freqs is routed into the global reverb bus. This same track is also run through a resonant filter so that the resonation matches the tune of the actual notes played. This creates long ringing notes, sort of extending the notes through the reverb.

Went maybe a bit overboard with the bus compressor, at least the beginning pumps a bit too nastily :)

"Stop Rokkasho (el-B Granular Reprocess remix)"
by el-B

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