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uploaded: Sat, Dec 12, 2009 @ 9:34 AM
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Adapted from the book Your Power As A Woman, How To Develop And Use It by Alma Archer - 1957


Famous glamour girls would be quick to tell you that
beauty is only skin deep. That is why, no matter how much
money you spend on your make-up, you cannot have a lovely
complexion; a soft to the touch skin, unless your pores are not
only clean but beauty treated. Do not clean your skin with soap
or heavy cream, this will only lead to trouble.
The solution to this problem arrived when scientists
invented liquid cream cleansers which contained no
clogging wax. Unfortunately some of these dried out the skin with
added detergents. The miracle came when Hazel Bishop created
not one, but two special cleansers; one for dry and one for oily skin.
Harriet Alden deep action cleansing, you won’t need to think again.

by ejc

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