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Ophelia´s Dub World

uploaded: Thu, May 21, 2009 @ 8:19 AM
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It is very facinante do a remix, give a new look for a song…especially when you are fan it! This is the case of “Ophelia’s Song”…when I heard this song the first time, my heart is filled with emotion…the voice of Marinella is without doubt a great pleasure for the ears…When I discovered that there is scope to do a remix for this song, I was very happy. I love Musetta !!!
And so…after a few long months, is ready “Ophelia’s Dub World”…I hope you enjoy this remix that to me is a way of thanking the good music made by double Musetta !!!

Who JAH bless always the life of you
Stay in the light

"Ophelia´s Dub World"

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