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Meditation-Visual Relaxation

uploaded: Tue, Feb 17, 2015 @ 12:54 PM
byDebby Rosenberg
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This is a visualization technique.
Once you get the idea of the process I recommend you enhance and customize the scenes to suit your own taste. Perhaps you prefer a hammock in a grass meadow, or a rocking chair on a porch overlooking a river, perhaps there is a gentle spring rain.

It is best, to look within yourself for these answers because your own mind, memories, and peace related scenarios are unique to you and your mind and body will respond even deeper to your own imagination.

This simple exercise will strengthen your visualization skills, relax your mind and body, provide a basic introduction to lucid dreaming and the out of body sensation, and most importantly re-connect you to peace in your world.

the words:

take a deep breath, exhale,
and think these words
I am relaxed

imagine this scene before you
a cozy room with a lit fireplace
and an easy chair facing the fire

become aware of yourself
walking towards this chair

arrive at the chair and sit in it
become aware of your arms
resting on the armrests and
the warmth of the fire on your face

you feel comfortable

take a deep breath, exhale,
and think these words
I am relaxed

become aware of your skin
as it senses the warmth from the fire
and notice the sounds of
the wood burning

you are at peace here
allow yourself time
to relax into this peace

it feels so good, comfortable
and safe

become aware now of your inner self
your spirit, it is light and hovers
within you, and now it feels like a floating sensation, and it is gently lifting away from your body. let it go while your body continues to relax in the chair

notice the spirit now appearing and standing in front of you
it is translucent and shimmering,

in an instant you easily shift your awareness and become the spirit and see through its eyes you are
looking at your body
relaxing in the chair

you smile, a big smile at your body
and think these words
I am magnificent

and bask in your glory

now seek and find, the emotion/
sensation/feeling within you
of what it is like when you
are newly in love/joy/excitment
its warm, secure, tingly, giggly,
and overwhelming delightful
feel this sensation
completely and direct it to you
the body in the chair

you are sending yourself love
and think these words
I Love You, repeat it many times
I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU

feel it deeply

and as you feel it
become aware of you as the spirit
returning to you as your body
and merge together

feel the bliss
and think these words
I am Whole

as you bask in this glowing sensation
you feel renewed and calm

slowly, become aware again of your
arms resting on the armrests
the fire warm upon your skin, and linger a moment…
allow yourself to return your awareness
to your own room, and time….take a deep breath
and know… you are loved

cc debby rosenberg

"Meditation-Visual Relaxation"
by Debby Rosenberg

2015 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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