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Big Sky

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Big Sky

“Big sky” she said on arriving
I didn’t need to look up
it was already in my mind
with its frequent double rainbows
its varying colours
through winter storm to summer fine

Bruised indigo to salmon pink
every hue between
grey, apricot, powder blue, cobalt
Sometimes zen empty
or a smoky orange warning of scrub fire.

We’ve tracked jets and planes across its space
watched clouds descend on hillsides
turning dark and broody
or lighting up gold from within
Spectacular with lightning
and its own thunderous music

A playground for wetland birds
flying in formation, heading off toward ocean
Graceful pelicans gliding on thermals
light aircraft coming in to land across the river

One New Years Eve, that blue and yellow helicopter
hovering above pond and reeds
in search of a missing child
found drowned

The sky is never still
It is big over the wetlands
it is open but also holds its secrets
like the trillion stars that emerge at night
there is always more to know
oh Secret Sky , there is so much to celebrate.

debbizo (Deb Matthews-Zott)

"Big Sky"
by debbizo

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