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uploaded: Mon, Oct 2, 2006 @ 9:17 AM
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Well this was supose to be a supose to be me anti drm song for october 3rd but i din’t have time to finish it.

So i realease the sample i made so all can be use in a remix.

all of the sample where made with either my voice or the FLS TTS sytem the only fx use is a Dblue glitch on certain sample to make them stuter or to enhence the percusive side of the sample

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /set 01/alarm 01.wav (81.71KB)
  • /set 01/druming 01.wav (74.21KB)
  • /set 01/druming 02.wav (148.04KB)
  • /set 01/druming 03.wav (295.70KB)
  • /set 01/i m defective because of drm media extended.wav (369.53KB)
  • /set 01/i m defective because of drm media.wav (221.87KB)
  • /set 01/weird robot drm voice 01.wav (369.53KB)
  • /set 02/vocal rhytm 01.wav (74.21KB)
  • /set 02/vocal rhytm 02.wav (74.21KB)
  • /set 02/vocal rhytm 03.wav (74.21KB)
  • /set 02/vocal rhytm 04.wav (74.21KB)
  • /set 02/vocal rhytm 05.wav (74.21KB)
  • /set 02/vocal rhytm 06.wav (74.21KB)
  • /set 02/vocal rhytm 07.wav (74.21KB)
  • /set 02/vocal rhytm 08.wav (74.21KB)
  • /set 02/vocal rhytm 09.wav (74.21KB)
  • /set 02/vocal rhytm 10.wav (74.21KB)
  • /set 02/vocal rhytm 11.wav (74.21KB)
  • /set 02/vocal rhytm 12.wav (74.21KB)
  • /set 02/vocal rhytm 13.wav (74.21KB)
  • /set 02/vocal rhytm 14.wav (74.21KB)
  • /set 02/vocal rhytm 15.wav (74.21KB)
  • /set 02/vocal rhytm 16.wav (77.49KB)

by conradscmost

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