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February (Alpha Unit Cold Winter Mix)

uploaded: Thu, Feb 11, 2010 @ 7:39 AM
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I was playing around in the awesome free tracker/vst host application Psycle using the free Synth1 VST (which is awesome) and came up with something, then thought I could look for a few vocals… And ofcourse I ended up rearranging the whole thing. :D

Please do not look at this tooooo picky, its my first acapella mix and I did have a bit of trouble fitting it in 100% (Its a little off in places). This is more fun then anything. :) Please use if you like, if people are interested I can upload the instrumental without vocals…

Big thanks to Calendargirl for submitting these awesome vocal tracks! ^_^

Also, this is my first upload here ever, if I did something wrong… well just tell me please. :p

"February (Alpha Unit Cold Winter Mix)"
by chukkzter

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