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Let It Burn (4 of 7: Percussion)

uploaded: Tue, Apr 22, 2008 @ 3:10 PM last modified: Tue, Apr 22, 2008 @ 3:25 PM  (add)
byBruce H. McCosar
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Percussion to “Let it Burn”, the third song on Points of Departure.

The main file is the high quality .ogg version of the entire track. I have also included a 30 second .mp3 preview AND a zip archive, which features the original Hydrogen track (as well as a MIDI export).

These are the other posted uploads in this series. Put together, they make up the entire song:

1. Bass
2. Guitar—Crunch
3. Guitar—Drive
4. Percussion (includes H2 and MIDI originals)
5. Synth
6. Organ
7. “Sonar” (you’ll get it)

Contents of ZIP Archive: archive: midi, H2

  • /LetItBurn.h2song (99.92KB)
  • /LetItBurn.mid (11.51KB)
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"Let It Burn (4 of 7: Percussion)"
by Bruce H. McCosar

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