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Welcome Home

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I wrote the lyric for this song a few years ago and sang it with Kaer Trouz (The Subliminal-DittoDitto-French version).
I have been wanting to re-sing it and present it in a simplified mode and so here it is using the simple version of the Ditto Ditto Backing Track. I don’t do remixing allot but I do enjoy offering my songs, poems, spoken word and singing on CC.Mixter; but every so often I feel like I simply didn’t totally finish with a project.
I am including the new pella with this upload as an additional file upload.

Welcome home
its where your heart is
you’re not alone
everything you love is here
everything you love is here

Through all seasons
sunshine and rain
these walls enclose and soothe
every joy or pain
every pain…or joy……….

outside the windows
gardens and trees
pastures and hillsides
stretch towards the sea (miles and miles out to sea)

The world awaits you
with open hands
small town or city
your friends may be found
(yes your friends may be found)

But always a welcome
resides in your soul
when through these doors
in my arms enfold
in my arms enfold………..

* dedicated to
Cherry Gollogoly and all the other really talented and inspiring souls who have helped me realize my songs on CC.Mixter! Thanks to All!

"Welcome Home"
by Anchor

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Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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