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Shedding Skin

uploaded: Tue, Jan 12, 2010 @ 12:33 PM
byamber simmons
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shedding skin
piece by piece
unveiling subtle mysteries
and mourning kisses left unsent
feeling weak and malcontent

underneath the careless stance
are wandering eyes that
barely glance
at what I am and yet
they know
how i feel
but they won’t say so

i am a spiral moving in
gentle fingers on your skin
breeze of breath upon your neck
moving up
and pulling back

dark and silence
both reflect
the mood of Us
as we retract
emotions once so freely shown
now, neither laugh nor sigh nor moan

but even now, knowing this
i’d still suffer for the kiss
of blind passion in its sleep
although I know it will wake
and then retreat.

"Shedding Skin"
by amber simmons

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