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Let That Monkey Be

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byAdmiral Bob
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Where Jane is concerned, Cheetah does not just want to be second banana to Tarzan.

I’m swingin around
I’m the real thing
Ain’t no monkey man
Get in the simian swing
You may be Jane
But I’m no Tarzan
Just a chimpanzee
Who wants to hold your hand
So grab a vine
And let Cheetah try
To make Jane smile
and Tarzan cry
I got bananas
I got champagne
I’m the king of the jungle
Let freedom reign

Oooh do you feel its nothing
Oooh but there’s always something
Oooh in the treetops swinging
Oooh just like Tarzan swinging

Oh you got to let that monkey be X4

Oooh do you know its stupid
Oooh watchin that simian cupid
Oooh that Cheetah loves you
Oooh Like no ape man loves you

Oh you got to let that monkey be X4

Oooh more than just Tarzan’s flunky
Oooh more than just a jealous monkey
Oooh if I could just make you see
Oooh you need a man with opposable feet

"Let That Monkey Be"
by Admiral Bob

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