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Close to Mike (Jazz Mix)

uploaded: Sat, Feb 11, 2012 @ 4:17 PM last modified: Sat, Feb 11, 2012 @ 9:28 PM  (add)
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You’re back - tell me all about where you’ve been
Paint me some pictures in words of every exotic scene
Tell me some stories - it gets kinda samey here on the Creek
And I need the buzz of hearing you speak

We could rock on the back porch, watch the sun slip down
Those dark green waters where our aspirations drowned
When this old Creek’s wrapped in dusk’s embrace
It’s really almost pretty and then you can’t look in my face

Oh it’s so good to see you, say you’ll stay
Let’s lie cool and quiet - think up games to play
In the dawn you’ll leave me, disappear without a trace
But for now draw me close and I promise I won’t look in your face

Contents of ZIP Archive: Drums

  • /Close to Mike-Drums.aif (34.41MB)
  • /__MACOSX/._Close to Mike-Drums.aif (82)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Flute

  • /Close to Mike-Flute.aif (31.60MB)
  • /__MACOSX/._Close to Mike-Flute.aif (82)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Piano

  • /Close to Mike-Piano.aif (34.69MB)
  • /__MACOSX/._Close to Mike-Piano.aif (82)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Bass Squeaks and rattles

  • /Close to Mike-Upright Bass squeaks and thumps.aif (34.80MB)
  • /__MACOSX/._Close to Mike-Upright Bass squeaks and thumps.aif (82)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Upright Bass

  • /Close to Mike-Upright Bass.aif (34.41MB)
  • /__MACOSX/._Close to Mike-Upright Bass.aif (82)

Contents of ZIP Archive: full mix-aiff

  • /Close to Mike4.aif (34.06MB)
  • /__MACOSX/._Close to Mike4.aif (82)

Contents of ZIP Archive: instr-aiff

  • /Close to Mike-Instrumental Mix.aif (34.06MB)
  • /__MACOSX/._Close to Mike-Instrumental Mix.aif (82)

"Close to Mike (Jazz Mix)"
by Jeris

2012 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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Editorial pick

Jeris’ classic jazz setting of splashing keys, warm upright bass and delicate flute exquisitely supports Ciggi’s sultry warmth in a lovely, lovely track that merits multiple listens.


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