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Moira Waugh - Canary Wharf (Album Version)

uploaded: Fri, Mar 4, 2016 @ 7:22 AM
bySiobhan Dakay
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Hey ccMixter Remixers.
Here is a complete Album Moira (aka Ciggiburns) and I did. The idea was born about 1 year ago and hey we did it. The album is available everywhere (even iTunes and Amazon and Spotify).
How does it work CC License and “pay” for it. Well - it works. There is nothing keeping you away from publishing an album or a single and put it on any platform. As long as all sources for the Remix are ok with it and the payment (if successful) is clarified.
Moira and I found an agreement.

People unaware of ccM might buy it on iTunes (hopefully).

We hope you like these songs.

I wanted to create a backtrack that combines good old songwriting like we know it from Burt Bacharach but using Johnny Marr Harmonies. Additionally I added a bit of drama working with the melancholic story Moira is singing about

"Moira Waugh - Canary Wharf (Album Version)"
by Siobhan Dakay

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