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Cathy and Elliot

uploaded: Tue, Sep 2, 2014 @ 12:01 AM
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I met Richard when I was 14 and we remained friends for many years. He lived with his sister and Grandmother as his parents had died in a car crash. Many years later we met and he told me the truth about his parents.

I wrote this ditty some time ago and thanks to Sim’s wonderful accompaniment have had a chance to share it. Couldn’t resist a bit of tuba at the start and some Bing Crosby style scat singing at the end.

Cathy And Elliot

Cathy and Elliot met one night in the year of 44
They were hiding in an air raid shelter at the time of the second world war
Cathy cried at the sound of the explosions Elliot said no need to fear
I will protect you from the bombs and bullets I will always be here

Cathy and Elliot survived the war they married and brought up two kids
They lived in a house on Montaine Street that they rented from a man called David
But David wanted more than the price of the rent it was Cathy who would have to pay
Not with more money but with her body this time If not he said you can go on your way

So Cathy laid down on the bed where she lay with Elliot and all of her dreams
And let David exhaust all the lust that he had there was nothing else to do it seemed
But Cathy couldn’t hide the pain that she bore she told Elliot everything
And Elliot was crushed he packed a case and left Cathy never saw him again.

Life was a struggle and Cathy was weak one day it all came to an end
She took some tablets slit her wrists and laid down in a bath full of water and scents
The kids were young and hid from the truth they lived in their Grandmothers house
In 72 the Grandmother died only then did the truth come out

Cathy and Elliot met one night in the year of 44
In 1980 my friend Richard knocked on his Fathers door
There were no hugs no fond embraces Richard could only stare
Then he gave the old man a wedding ring Saying you promised that you’d always be there.

"Cathy and Elliot"
by Shelflife

2014 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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