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The Daisy Pusher

uploaded: Thu, Oct 10, 2013 @ 6:23 PM
FeaturingRobwalkerpoet & Airtone, Stan the Embalmer
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I have a friend who is incredibly good at DIY. His home is full of fine examples of his workmanship, in particular his carpentry skills.

One day whilst visiting him he took me down to his workshop at the bottom of his garden and when inside led me to a large blanket covering something. He removed the blanket to reveal two beautifully carved coffins complete with brass plates.

“What do you think”. He asked
A bit lost for words I told him they were great!

He then proceeded to explain that he felt that as he had produced so much good work in his house he and his wife should be buried in something he had made. He asked me not to say anything to his wife as he planned to give her coffin to her on her birthday in a few days time. I told him the thought was there but not to plan for a night of passion afterwards.

It did however get me thinking and over the years I have produced various pieces of music to be played when my time comes to meet the Grim reaper. This is the latest idea!

Not sure however if the Creative Commons licence will cover me for playing at a funeral!!!

I have added guitars, an indulgent bass part, synths, piano, percussion and vocals

Many thanks to Rob and Airtone for giving me a great musical bed to be laid out on!

"The Daisy Pusher"
by Shelflife

2013 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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